Science Olympiad: Nebraska State Science Olympiad TRIAL EVENTS

Trial Events--available to anyone
4/22/2017 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Registered Teams

EntityActive Registration?
Adams Central Blue HS (C) Active
Adams Central Middle (B) Active
Aquinas Catholic (B) Active
Aquinas Catholic HS (C) Active
Arapahoe HS (C) Active
Bellevue East High (C) Active
Bellevue Logan Fontenelle (B) Active
Bellevue Mission Middle (B) Active
Bellevue West HS (C) Active
Brady Middle (B) Active
Cambridge High (C) Active
Cambridge Middle (B) Active
Central Valley High (C) Active
Central Valley Jr. H (B) Active
Creek Valley High (C) Active
Creek Valley Middle (B) Active
Elba High School (C) Active
Elmwood-Murdock High (C) Active
Elmwood-Murdock Middle (B) Active
Grand Island Walnut Middle (B) Active
Harvard High (C) Active
Hastings St. Cecilia (B) Active
Johnson-Brock High (C) Active
Johnson-Brock Middle (B) Active
Lincoln Culler Middle (B) Active
Lincoln East HS (C) Active
Lincoln High (C) Active
Lincoln Irving (B) Active
Lincoln Mickle (B) Active
Lincoln North Star HS (C) Active
Lincoln Northeast HS (C) Active
Lincoln Park MS (B) Active
Lincoln Pound MS (B) Active
Lincoln Science Focus HS (C) Active
Lincoln Scott Middle (B) Active
Lincoln Southeast HS (C) Active
Lincoln Southwest (LSW) HS (C) Active
Madison Middle (B) Active
Millard North HS (C) Active
Millard Russell Middle (B) Active
Millard South HS (C) Active
Millard West HS (C) Active
Nebraska City Middle (B) Active
Norris Middle (Dist.160) (B) Active
Ogallala High (C) Active
Omaha Benson HS (C) Active
Omaha Bryan High (C) Active
Omaha Burke HS (C) Active
Omaha Central High School (C) Active
Omaha Davis Middle (B) Active
Omaha King Science (B) Active
Omaha McMillan Middle (B) Active
Omaha Nathan Hale MS (B) Active
Omaha North HS (C) Active
Omaha Northwest HS (C) Active
Ord Junior High (B) Active
Paxton High School (C) Active
Paxton Middle (B) Active
Saint Paul PS High School (C) Active
Saint Paul PS Middle (B) Active
Skutt Catholic HS (C) Active
St. James Seton (B) Active
St. Vincent de Paul Middle (B) Active
Superior High School (C) Active
Thayer Central HS (C) Active
Westside High School (C) Active
Westside Middle (B) Active
Winnebago Middle (B) Active
Wisner-Pilger Middle School (B) Active
York Middle (B) Active