Science Olympiad: Nebraska State Science Olympiad 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Nebraska State Science Olympiad tournament held on the UNL East Campus!
The tournament will be held on Saturday, April 21.
The self-scheduling on this website will open on April 1.

Teams are able to self-schedule their teams into the events. 
Changes can be made up until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 19. 
Any changes that need to be made after this time will need to be made at the registration/check-in
at the tournament.

At registration/check-in, teams need to bring their Team Certification form signed by their principal and
their payment of $5.00 a student, including any alternates.  Checks should be made out to the
Nebraska Academy of Sciences.

4/21/2018 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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Registered Teams

EntityActive Registration?
Aquinas Catholic HS (C) Active
Aquinas Catholic MS (B) Active
Bellevue East HS (C) Active
Bellevue Logan Fontenelle MS (B) Active
Bellevue Mission Middle (B) Active
Bellevue West HS (C) Active
Cambridge HS (C) Active
Cambridge MS (B) Active
Central Valley HS Active
Central Valley MS Active
Gothenburg HS (C) Active
Hastings St. Cecilia (B) Active
Johnson-Brock HS (C) Active
Lincoln East HS (C) Active
Lincoln Mickle MS (B) Active
Lincoln North Star HS (C) Active
Lincoln Park MS (B) Active
Lincoln Scott MS (B) Active
Lincoln Southwest HS (C) Active
Millard North HS (C) Active
Millard Russell MS (B) Active
Millard South HS (C) Active
Ogallala HS Orange (C) Active
Omaha Central HS (C) Active
Omaha Marrs MS (B) Active
Omaha McMillan Magnet MS (B) Active
Omaha Morton MS (B) Active
Omaha North HS (C) Active
Paxton HS (C) Active
Skutt Catholic HS (C) Active
St. James Seaton MS (B) Active
St. Paul Public HS (C) Active
St. Paul Public MS (B) Active
St. Vincent De Paul MS (B) Active
Westside High School (C) Active
Westside MS (B) Active