Science Olympiad: Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium Science Olympiad 2020

The Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium will host its annual Science Olympiad tournament on Saturday, March 14.  Please use the zoo website for details.

3/14/2020 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Registered Teams

EntityActive Registration?
Aquinas Catholic HS (C) Active
Aquinas Catholic MS (B) Active
Bellevue East HS (C) Active
Bellevue Logan Fontenelle MS (B) Active
Bellevue Mission Middle (B) Active
Bellevue Mission MS EXB (B) Active
Central Valley HS Active
Central Valley MS Active
Duchesne Academy (C) Active
Johnson-Brock HS (C) Active
Johnson-Brock MS (B) Active
Lincoln East HS (C) Active
Lincoln HS (C) Active
Lincoln Mickle MS (B) Active
Lincoln Science Focus HS (C) Active
Lincoln Scott MS (B) Active
Lincoln Scott MS EXB (B) Active
Millard Beadle MS (B) Active
Millard Beadle MS EXB (B) Active
Millard North HS (C) Active
Millard North HS EXB (C) Active
Millard North MS (B) Active
Millard North MS EXB (B) Active
Millard West HS (C) Active
Millard West HS EXB (C) Active
Omaha Bryan HS (C) Active
Omaha Morton Magnet MS (B) Active
Omaha Nathan Hale MS (B) Active
Omaha North HS (C) Active
Quest Forward Academy HS (C) Active
Skutt Catholic HS (C) Active
St. James Seton MS (B) Active
St. Vincent De Paul MS (B) Active
Westside High School (C) Active
Westside High School EXB (C) Active
Westside MS (B) Active